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Episode 39: The Duty to Remember: Evelyn Grubb's Appeal to the United Nations on behalf of the Families of POW/MIA (June 8, 2021)
Stacks Image 3632

Episode 38: The Responsibility for Our Responses: Olive Schreiner and Howard Thurman on the Moral Psychology of the non-violent way of life (May 25, 2021)

Stacks Image 3584

Episode 37: Howard Thurman and Olive Schreiner: A Genuine Encounter (May 18, 2021)
Stacks Image 3569

Episode 36: Forward Into Light: Excavating the Connection Between the Women's Suffrage and the Peace through Law Movement (April 19, 2021)
Stacks Image 3567
Episode 35: Forward of Darkness (Part 2): The Journey of Lucretia Mott, Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton from The Crypt to the Rotunda of the U.S. Capitol (April 12, 2021)
Stacks Image 3490

Episode 34: Forward Out of Darkness: How Caroline Sparks initiated a journey of Adelaide Johnson's Suffragist Statue from the darkness of the Crypt and into the light of the Rotunda of the U.S. Capitol (March 29, 2021)
Stacks Image 3486

Episode 33: Forward Into Memory: The Cosmopolitan Philosophy of Ham Sok Hon, The "Korean Gandhi" (March 11, 2021)

Stacks Image 3438

Episode 32: Forward Into Memory: Korea's March 1st Movement and the Red Thread of Peace History (March 1, 2021)
Stacks Image 3405

Episode 31: Forward Into Light: Sandra Weber discusses Adelaide Johnson's Portrait Monument to Lucretia Mott, Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton on the 100th anniversary of its unveiling (February 15, 2021)
Stacks Image 3403

Episode 30: Forward Into Light: A Conversation with Sandra Weber on researching Adelaide Johnson's Portrait Monument to Lucretia Mott, Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton (February 11, 2021)
Stacks Image 3368
Episode 29: The Nobel Peace Prize: A Conversation with Frederik Heffermehl (January 28, 2021)
Stacks Image 3320

Episode 28: A New Day Begins: A Discussion About the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons on the Eve of its Entry into Force (January 21, 2021)
Stacks Image 3231

Episode 27: Youth Engagement and the Nuclear Issue: A Conversation with Vanda Prošková (January 14, 2021)
Stacks Image 3294
Episode 26: The Moral Energy of Prague: Vanda Proskova and the Inspiration of Bertha von Suttner (January 7, 2021)
Stacks Image 3283
Episode 25: The Blossoming Seed: The Pacific Settlement of Disputes and the 1899 Hague Peace Conference (December 31, 2020)
Stacks Image 3270
Episode 24: The Duty to Remember and The Right to Truth: Evelyn Grubb and the POW/MIA UN Human Rights Petition (December 10, 2020)
Stacks Image 3257
Episode 23: The Duty to Remember: Identifying POW/MIA from the Korean War - Part 2 of an Interview with Dr. Jennie Jin of the DPAA (November 19, 2020)
Stacks Image 3244
Episode 22: The Duty to Remember: Identifying POW/MIA from the Korean War - An Interview with Dr. Jennie Jin of the DPAA (November 12, 2020)
Stacks Image 3218
Episode 21: The Need of Popular Understanding of International Law: An(other) Introduction to the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (November 5, 2020)
Stacks Image 3207
Episode 20: Think We Must: An Introduction to The Treaty on The Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (October 29, 2020)
Stacks Image 3163
Episode 19: The Duty to Remember and the Right to Know: How Newk and Evelyn Grubb built a Community of Memory (October 15, 2020)
Stacks Image 3174
Episode 18: The Duty to Remember: Journeys of Reconciliation and The Fruits of Peace (October 8, 2020)
Stacks Image 3159
Episode 17: The Duty to Remember: Considering Prisoners of War and The Missing in Action (POW/MIA) as a Case Study in the Ethics of Memory (September 24, 2020)
Stacks Image 3161
Episode 16: Justice, Impartiality and Peace: From Andrew Carnegie to John Lewis (September 10, 2020)
Stacks Image 3139
Episode 15: From the Golden Rule to The Freedom Rides: Reflecting on Peace and Justice (September 2, 2020)
Stacks Image 3119
Episode 14: Organizing for Memory, Visualizing Peace, Reflecting on Justice (August 27, 2020)
Stacks Image 3108
Episode 13: Re-Organize the World ! Peace Through Law in the Nuclear Age (August 13, 2020)
Stacks Image 3097
Episode 12: A Revolution of Thought: Organizing the World for Peace in the Nuclear Age (August 6, 2020)
Stacks Image 3086
Episode 11: Exiting the Forest: Philosophical Reflections on the Korean War on the 67th Anniversary of its Armistice (July 27, 2020)
Stacks Image 3064
Episode 10: Dreaming of Peace in Korea: A Conversation with Christine Ahn, Founder of Women Cross DMZ (July 23, 2020)
Stacks Image 3062
Episode 9: Leaflet Bombs and Flying Loudspeakers: The Barbarization of the Sky and Psychological Warfare during the Korean War (July 16, 2020)
Stacks Image 3066
Episode 8: Don't call them 'villages,' they are 'military targets': The Korean War as a case study on ignorance, forgetfulness and the politics of truth (July 9, 2020)
Stacks Image 3068
Episode 7: The Barbarization of The Sky and the Bombing of North Korea during the Korean War: Master Class #2 with Charles Hanley (July 2, 2020)
Stacks Image 3070
Episode 6: The Korean War and The Barbarization of The Sky: A Master Class with Charles Hanley (June 25, 2020)
Stacks Image 3072
Episode 5: Entering the Forest of the Korean War: The Barbarization of the Sky (June 19, 2020)
Stacks Image 3074
Episode 4: An Appeal to The World: National Justices, International Dimensions (June 12, 2020)
Stacks Image 3076
Episode 3: Plot, Plan, Strategize, Organize and Mobilize! The Solidarity of Human Interests and International Organization (June 4, 2020)
Stacks Image 3078
Episode 2: Organize the World! An Idea Central to the Peace through Law Movement (May 29, 2020)
Stacks Image 3080
Episode 1: Organizing for Memory, Organizing for Peace (May 18, 2020)
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